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Review of Guardianship Act - final consultation

The Guardianship Act 1987 (NSW) is a law about how we help people who can't make decisions for themselves. It was written in 1987. A lot has changed since then. It needs to be looked at, and brought up to date. It needs to include the ideas in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disability (UNCRPD).

We have had two consultations so far.  We have put out our third and last consultation package. It contains:
*Question Paper 4: Safeguards and procedures
*Question Paper 5: Medical and dental treatment and restrictive practices
*Question Paper 6: Remaining issues
For each question paper, we have also released:
*A video that talks about the question paper
*An Easy English version of the question paper
*An easy-to-answer survey
To see all these, click on: http://www.lawreform.justice.nsw.gov.au/Pages/lrc/lrc_current_projects/Guardianship/Guardianship.aspx

Submissions close on Friday 12 May 2017. You can email it to nsw-lrc@justice.nsw.gov.au; or post it to GPO Box 31, Sydney NSW 2001.

This follows the release of a Background Paper and related materials in June, the release of Question Paper 1 and related materials in September, and the release of Question Papers 2 and 3 and related materials in November 2016.

We seek your views, ideas, and opinions about the issues our latest Question Papers raise. A submission may be as short or as long as you like. You can use the Question Papers to guide your submissions. You can also complete our easy-to-answer survey to share your views, instead of or in addition to making a formal submission.

You can download an infographic that explains the submission process at http://www.lawreform.justice.nsw.gov.au/Documents/Current-projects/Guardianship/Question-Papers/Submissions.pdf

Unless you request confidentiality, we will usually publish your submission on the website and refer to it in publications, including the final report. View our privacy and information management policy.

The law reform process works best when we hear from a broad range of voices. This makes sure that our recommendations are informed by the experience of the community and stakeholders.

Please share this information with your clients, colleagues, and members of the community.

Thank you for your interest in our review. You can follow us on Twitter or subscribe to our newsletter for regular updates about the review.

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